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Support their business with proposals that minimize turbocharger downtime

This customer was looking for a comprehensive proposal to reduce downtime of turbochargers and increase the operating rate. We proposed the delivery of spare machines and conducted training so that customers could replace them. As a result, the on-site process of engine maintenance was shortened and downtime is minimized.

  • Reducing the downtime of turbochargers
  • Improving the utilization rate
  • Delivery of spare machines and spare parts
  • Training engineers on how to replace spares.
  • Maintenance of spare machine at TSU service station
  • Shorten the engine maintenance on-site process
  • Minimize downtime


We were struggling how to maximize capacity utilization and reduce turbocharger downtime.
TSU has solved our concerns not only with spare parts and spare turbocharger maintained by TSU , but also conducting training so that they could be replaced safely by our resources.
As a result, the on-site process of engine maintenance has been shortened and downtime has been minimized.

Ehime Kaiun Co.,Ltd.

Quantitatively evaluate engine condition and fuel efficiency and propose improvements

Ehime Kaiun Co., Ltd., which manages ocean-going vessels in Ehime Prefecture,
uses Tekomar XPERT as a tool for collaborating with management companies.
TSU has proposed Tekomar XPERT for higher quality vessel management.

  • Pursuit of higher quality ship management
  • Utilization of Tekomar XPERT
  • Improvement of engine condition and fuel efficiency (FOC)
  • Efficient maintenance management by ship crew
  • Reducing the burden of performance data confirmation work in the office


TSU's explanation of Tekomar XPERT made us intrigued, decided to install it.
By utilizing Tekomar XPERT, it is easier to improve engine performance and fuel efficiency, maintenance management and performance data confirmation in the office, and we realized the advantage as a tool to cooperate with the management company.

It is operational friendly, because the condition can be easily confirmed by color, the possibility of fuel consumption reduction can be quantitatively evaluated. It can be used many times a month and the result are been confirmed immediately.
Other companies have similar products, but we think Tekomar XPERT is superior in that it is easy to check Fuel Saving Potential and engine performance by using quantitative indicators (KPI).

TSU, thank you for your continued support for product development and service provision that can prevent accidents more than ever.




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