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Our strategy and president message

Our strategy and president message

Our strategy

We work closely with Japanese engine builders to add real value by offering our leading edge technology, supporting with application engineering expertise and providing best quality

Fully integrated in the Accelleron worldwide turbocharging network, we offer original parts and service, customized service solutions for customers in Japan and around the world during the entire life cycle of our customer’s engine products

Our dedicated and skilled people plan and execute preventive maintenance as well as support our customers for trouble shooting with our excellence in technical support

President message


TSU, which has been providing turbochargers and services to the Japanese marine industry since 1998, has taken a new step forward. With the spin-off of ABB Turbocharging on October 3, 2022 and its listing on the SIX Swiss Exchange as Accelleron Industries, TSU becomes a joint venture between Accelleron and IHI. We promise to be even more agile and responsive to our customers.

Over the past 20 years, we have built a strong relationship by meeting our customers' needs for high quality, reliable service and safe, dependable operations.

As a trusted partner, we will continue to work with our customers over the total life of their products, providing personalized service and consulting to create lasting value.

We not only develop new products that reflect the latest market trends, but also evolve and support existing products to constantly improve efficiency and sustainability. We will contribute to decarbonization by responding to new fuels and increasing efficiency. TSU will continue to contribute to the safe operation of turbochargers for our customers.

TSU will continue to contribute to the safety operation of our customers' turbochargers.
We look forward to a brighter future for turbochargers. We enjoy change, and we connect challenges to innovation.

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