Our Advantage

Our Advantage

Your Turbocharger Partner

TSU has been providing comprehensive technical support for turbochargers from the engine development stage, proposal and installation of turbochargers, and formulation and implementation of maintenance plans for customers. We also propose solutions that meet the needs of our customers.
We respond to challenging technological innovations in the industry and offer a variety of services that can contribute to optimal and safe operation over the total life of your engines and turbochargers.


Promptly provide a wide range of
turbochargers and genuine parts

Our turbochargers are used in a wide range of fields, from small to large applications, such as fishing boats, pumping equipment, large merchant ships and power plants on remote islands. Spare parts required for repair and maintenance of these turbochargers are always in stock at the service station. Especially for spare parts, we stock about 17,000 types of main spare parts at the parts center in Kobe, and in collaboration with our distribution base in Baden, Switzerland, we exceed 98% spare parts availability. We support your businesses with a system that can supply the necessary parts whenever needed, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. ..
In addition, our turbochargers operating all over the world manage all of their types, specifications, service histories on our database, so it is possible to quickly provide advanced technology based on accurate information.


Specialized engineering to
optimize engine performance

TSU has engineers who have the expertise and technical capabilities necessary for conceptual design in engine development. For this reason, we participate from the engine development stage of our customers and contribute to the provision of optimized engines.
It is possible to tune products and improve specifications while utilizing tools that can simulate engine performance equipped with a turbocharger. One of TSU's strengths is its ability to provide application consulting such as support for peak conditions and optimal performance maintenance.


Providing services excellence
with high flexibility

At five service stations in Japan, we maintain around 1,800 turbochargers annually.
We can handle a lot of maintenance because each engineer has accumulated expertise and experience. TSU engineers strive to improve their technical capabilities while regularly receiving training and education that is common throughout the world, and are highly evaluated by customers not only in terms of world-class quality control but also in terms of service.
Our technological capabilities, mobility, and the provision of detailed services that are close to our customers are one of the reasons why TSU is chosen.

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We propose service solutions and digital solutions that meet the needs of our customers, from selecting the optimum turbocharger specifications to repair and maintenance.

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