About TSU

About TSU

About TSU

Trade Name Turbo Systems United Co., Ltd
President Hiroaki Yoshinari
No. of employees About 75 (as of January 1st, 2022)
Scope of business
  • Sales of Accelleron and IHI Turbochargers
  • Application engineering for turbocharging
  • Sales of spare parts and overhauling maintenance service including repair work for Accelleron and IHI turbochargers
  • Planning and execution of routine and preventive maintenance of turbochargers world wide
Established October 1st, 1998
Capital 400 Million Yen
Access 141-0032
Osaki Wiz Tower 21F, 2-11-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Turbo Systems United Co., Ltd. (TSU) was established on October 1, 1998 as a joint venture of Accelleron Industries and IHI Corporation.

TSU is the sales and service organization for Accelleron and IHI turbocharger products in Japan applied on large diesel and gas engines for ships, power stations, gen-sets, diesel locomotives and large off-highway vehicles.

TSU works closely with engine builders from the initial design stage, providing the highest level of application engineering and support for the customer through installation as well as operating fully integrated in the Accelleron worldwide turbocharging network.

Since 1958, IHI has license agreement with Accelleron in Switzerland (formally BBC/ABB) for production of Accelleron Turbochargers.

Our history

1958 First license agreement between BBC and IHI.
1967 BBC Japan established and Start of Turbocharger after-sales service in Japan.
1988 IHI and ABB founded Turbo Systems United Co., Ltd., with headquarter and East Japan service station in Tokyo and Kansai Branch in Kobe as West Japan service station.
2002 AT14 market introduction
IHI start delivery of licensed TPS/TPL generation
2004 Kansai Branch and service station relocated
2005 Kyusyu office and service station opened
2007 A100-L,M,H is launched
2008 Onomichi office and service station opened
2011 Hakodate Service Point opened.
2012 A200-L is launched
2015 Kyusyu Office and service station relocated
Tokyo office relocated to Osaki
2019 MXP product release, joint development by IHI and ABB of dedicated marine auxiliary product
A255/260-L is launched.
2020 Tokyo service station relocated to Yokohama
2022 Head Office relocated to Wiz tower in Osaki
Following the spin-off of ABB Turbocharging,  TSU becomes joint venture of Accelleron and IHI

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