FAQ about turbocharger maintenance

What should I do if the exhaust gas temperature rises?
If the exhaust gas temperature is too high, check whether the engine power and engine speed are constant. Not only the turbocharger but also the condition of each part of the engine may be involved. For turbochargers, check for insufficient air (dirt or clogging of the air filter), compressor side parts, turbine nozzles, turbine blades, and turbine side parts for wear or damage.It is important to maintain optimal operating conditions through regular maintenance and proper replacement of parts.
When is the time to replace the bearings?
For turbochargers with rolling bearings, the recommended time for replacement is indicated on the nameplate.
Consider replacement accordingly. In the case of a turbocharger that uses plain bearings, our technician will make the judgment based on our expertise and experience, although it depends on the model. Please contact TSU for maintenance such as checking the bearing condition.
What should I do for turbocharger surging?
Surging may occur due to fluctuations in engine load, dirt on various parts, fluctuations in pressure balance, etc.
Single shot surging is not a problem with turbochargers. If surging occurs frequently, please check the condition of each part of the engine and clean it. If it continues to occur, please ask the engine builder or TSU for inspection.
Do we really need maintenance?
We have been able to run it without maintenance for years.
Since there were no problems until now, it cannot be said that we can operate in the same way in the future as well.
Turbochargers must be properly maintained on a regular basis. Maintaining good conditions contributes to engine performance and ensures reliable and safe operation.
During operation a turbocharger is exposed to high-temperature and high-pressure exhaust gas, and wear and wear progress due to combustion residues including hard components and vibrations in fuel. It is important to check the condition and replace the damaged part with a genuine reliable part or repair to maintain it in good condition.
What should I do for an oil leak?
The lubricating oil seal function may have deteriorated for some reason. There may be problems with the supply of lubricating oil, and there are various reasons. Correspondence varies depending on the type and condition of the turbocharger, but in some cases repairs or replacement of parts may be possible. Please request maintenance from TSU. It is also important to understand what kind of situation occurs and whether there are any other abnormalities.
For some reason, the lubricating oil seal function may have deteriorated. There may be a problem with the lubricant supply and for various reasons. Correspondence depends on the type and condition of the turbocharger, but in some cases it may be possible to repair or replace parts. Please ask TSU for maintenance. It is also important to understand what is happening and what else is normal.

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