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Online Privacy Policy

Email Communications

The TSU web site can generally be viewed without the need to register any email account. However, there are some areas that need direct communication and in this respect your email details need to be registered.
TSU encourage the use of email for communication, when an email address has been provided. The email address that you provide will only be used by TSU and/or group companies. TSU will not intentionally supply, nor sell to third parties, your email details and relevant information for purposes of unsolicited mail transactions.
Email communication from TSU and/or group companies can be stopped, if requested so, by contacting our administrator. You can re-instate your details at any time by registering in the appropriate area.

Protection of user's personal information

TSU take all reasonable measures to protect the personal information, stored in the TSU web server, which has been provided to TSU. In the SPS function the quotation inquiry is treated by the use of SSL. The inquiry contents are used only for the purpose of providing your quotation. Information provided through the SSL is not open to 3rd party companies.
TSU's web server automatically records customer's computer IP/Internet address. This information is not to identify the customer personally but is under anonymity.

Renewal of customer's information

If you have any changes, to the personal information that is provided to TSU, these should be sent to tsu_general@turbo.co.jp. (ie address, e-mail address, telephone number etc.)