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Original spare parts supply

The cornerstone of turbocharger reliability, efficiency and availability.

Protect your investment long-term by choosing original spare parts from your original equipment manufacturer. Rectifying problems due to non-original parts and non-original service can have dire and expensive consequences.

TSU is sourcing original turbo charging parts from IHI Corporation in Japan and ABB Turbo Systems in Switzerland.

For ABB designed turbochargers, our customers can rely on our promise of a 98 percent spare parts availability and a 48-hour worldwide delivery from our ABB global spare parts center in Switzerland. (see ABB global page)
For IHI designed products and service parts for most of ABB designed turbochargers TSU manages local stock at KPC (Kobe Parts Center) with 98% on-time delivery.

We offer a full range of service 24/7 365 days a year at any of ABB service station (worldwide service branch) in 50+ countries across the globe.

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