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The A100-H series for high-speed and A100-M series for medium-speed engines are designed specifically to meet future demand for higher compressor pressure ratios with single-stage turbocharging.
Growing demand for energy, rising fuel costs and stricter emissions legislation are having an important influence on engine development in the medium- and high-speed segment.
High compressor pressure ratios are required today not only to increase the power output but also because they play a significant role in emissions reduction. They are needed, for example, for the Miller/Atkinson process, which is used in some form in almost all modern diesel and gas engines. In diesel engines this process helps to reduce NOX emissions, while in gas engines it is used to shift the point at which knocking begins. Extra reserves of pressure ratios are also required for engines operated at high altitudes.


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Safety Alert for A100-M radial type turbochargers

Information about a possible safety hazard associated with ABB turbochargers of the type A100-M (A130-M, A135-M, A140-M, A145-M, A150-M and A155-M).

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