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Introducing New Service Option

Today, we would like to introduce our new service option.

Responding to request from customers, ABB turbocharging began to sell spare parts for radial type turbochargers from this September and will provide instructions, tools, spare parts, and training also for radial type turbochargers from February 2013.

Conventionally, cartridge maintenance was done by ABB/TSU for safe operation. In recent years, effect to engine and turbocharger by fuel quality variation and slow steaming caused needs for variety type of maintenance. In order to correspond to our customer’s voice, ABB had tested on expected influence by maintenance onboard; result has shown that big problem will not rise and this service had started.
Along with ABB, TSU would like to announce this same service along with our other maintenance contracts.
The service is available for TPS-D/F/F and A100-H/M radial turbochargers.

Please contact your near office for further information.

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Kazunori Uruma