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RH..3 Worldwide Support

In order to give the best possibleservice for RH..3 turbochargers, TSU developed a worldwide support concept, requesting some strategically located ABB service stations to supply high quality support to RH..3 end-users.

The concept consists of inspection and workshop overhaul packages as well as fixed prices, which ensure a reliable and safe operation.

The workshop overhauls will be carried out by the below mentioned TSU/ABB service stations under six months warranty.

These TSU/ABB service stations can be contacted directly for the support (service and apares) you require for your RH..3 turbochargers.

Please contact your nearest TSU/ABB service station for more details.

ABB Greece¡ÊPiraeus¡Ë
TEL:+30 210 421 2600
+30 693 240 1648(24hrs¡Ë
+30 693 700 2504(24hrs)
FAX:+30 210 421 2609

ABB Netherlands¡ÊRotterdam¡Ë
TEL:+31 (0) 10 4078 885(24hrs¡Ë
FAX:+31 (0) 10 4078 444

ABB Singapore
TEL:+65 6861 9722
+65 9664 9080(24hrs¡Ë
FAX:+65 6861 8126

TSU Japan
TEL:+81 (0) 3 5950 0491(24hrs¡Ë
FAX:+81 (0) 3 5611 5997