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Onomichi Service Station Open

The fourth service station in Japan

TSU has opened the Onomichi Service Station (Mr. Hideki Tsuji/General Manager) on December 8, 2008 as the fourth service station in Japan. TSU has been conducting the repair/maintenance work at the Tokyo, Kobe and Fukuoka Service stations. However, needs for the repair and maintenance work of the ships of the shipyards and the ship-owners located in the Inland Sea of Japan area are increasing greatly and resulting in the opening of the new service station at Onomichi. The main emphasis of the stations including the new station is placed on the reduction of the time and cost of shipping.

The Onomichi Service Station will perform the repair works within the service station and at the customer sites and will conduct parts sales as well. The factory facilities of the new service station including the balancing machines are the largest among the TSU service stations. Services conducted by the authorized engineers will cover all marine turbochargers produced by ABB Turbo Systems and IHI.

The ABB Turbo Systems Ltd. Group has the world-wide net work of service stations for turbochargers and the new Onomichi Service Station will become the 101st service station of the net work. The TSU's four service stations in Japan will be integrated into the service net work mentioned above to provide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year emergency services.

Outline of the Onomichi Service Station:
Gross area: 2,717
Factory area: 799
Office area: 171
Main facilities:
- two balancing machines
- one lathe
- one blasting machine
- one steam cleaner
- one fluorescent penetrant examination facility

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