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A140-H: Market release for first new-generation ABB turbocharger

ABB Turbocharging has released the A140-H as the first of its all-new A100 generation of single-stage, high-efficiency, high-pressure turbochargers. The market introduction of the A140-H for high-speed diesel and gas engines represents a milestone for the industry, with compressor pressure ratios of up to 5.8 at full load offered for the first time in this hard-fought industry segment.

The A140-H has been released for market introduction following the successful conclusion of a rigorous qualification program and numerous engine tests. It is the first frame size of the A100-H series to have been delivered for selected field installations, and field trials are now successfully under way. A further three frame sizes are scheduled to be introduced by mid-2009 for the turbocharging of advanced diesel and gas engines. The A100-H will be followed in due course by the A100-M series and the A100-L series for the medium-speed and low-speed engine segments, respectively.

ABB Turbocharging developed the A100-H turbocharger series for future engine concepts. Offering maximum pressure ratios of up to 5.8 and high efficiencies, A100-H turbochargers support high-speed diesel and gas engine development programs aimed at higher power densities and efficiencies as well as lower emissions and reduced fuel consumption.

The A140-H turbocharger features three new compressor stages with further optimized impellers and new high-pressure diffusers. Compressor cooling is standard, allowing highest pressure ratios to be achieved with aluminium compressor wheels, while ensuring that compressor replacement intervals are comparable with those for today¡Çs standard turbochargers. The A140-H also features a newly developed turbine stage, including the gas inlet and outlet casings.

Service know-how and logistics support for the new turbochargers are ensured by an excellent network of some 100 service stations around the world.