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Turbo Systems United Co., Ltd.


Opening of Imabari Office

TSU has opened the new Imabari Office on Oct 1,2006

The new type turbochargers of IHI and ABB being sold by TSU have high performance and high reliability and are receiving good evaluation from the customers. As a result, new orders are continuously coming in.

In the area of the after service business, TSU is conducting onboard exchange of center cartridges and providing a new service system called ¡ÈIHI Turbocharger World Wide Support¡É employing the service network of ABB which covers the entire world.
Moreover, in Japan, especially in the western Japan, TSU established a new factory in Kobe in April 2004 and opened a service station in Fukuoka in April 2005 to further strengthen our service to the customers.

In order to form a close link of the service business in the Shikoku area, TSU has decided to move the business being conducted in Takamatsu to Imabari so as to provide better service to our customers in that area.
Furthermore, TSU is going to present a seminar on Friday October 27, 2006 at the Imabari International Hotel.

The objectives of the seminar are to present the latest technology related to the turbochargers of IHI and ABB so as to provide in-depth knowledge to our customers and to explain our after service effort.
Should you have any questions regarding the seminar and/or our new business office in Imabari, please contact our Imabari Business Office indicated below:

Name: Turbo Systems United Co., Ltd.
Imabari Business Office
Manager: Mr. Shigeaki Nagano
Address: 3-9-36 Vogue Room 303
Higashi-mura, Imabari City
ZIP code is 799-1506
Telephone: 0898-48-8750
Fax: 0898-48-8751