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Conducting Seminar in Imabari

TSU conducted a turbocharger seminar in Imabari on October 27, 2006

The business, which was conducted in Takamatsu in the past, has been transferred to Imabari starting on October 1st. 2006. To commemorate this move, a turbocharger seminar was held on October 27 in the Imabari Kokusai Hotel so that the shipowners , shipyards and engine manufacturers in this area can better understand the IHI and ABB¡Çs turbochargers being sold by TSU.

The opening greeting was delivered by the president to more than 150 attendees of the seminar, explanation was given to the overall business and the following three items, which are especially interested in by the customers, were discussed.

1. Technical information on the latest turbochargers
Features of the latest turbochargers of the TPL series, the TPS series and the AT14 type and items related to higher pressurization and service life improvement.

2. Service of the turbochargers
Philosophy in the total service, design concept of the service life improvement being called SIKO, maintenance interval and specific contents of the after-sales service being provided by TSU

3. Service on the RH..3 series turbochargers
Subjects related to the use of low quality oil for the RH..3 series which were sold more than 10,000 units, related problems and service news relative to the above subjects, improvements made in the after-sales service connected with the service network of the ABB Turbo Systems Ltd. being called the World Wide Support and the new service called Center Cartridge Re-conditioning.

Having experienced the success of the Imabari seminar described above, similar seminars are being planned for other areas as well.