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The SIKO Program

Preventive maintenance for the reliable operation --- A case of Nissan Motor Car Carrier

The ¡ÈSIKO Program¡É is one of the most important maintenance schemes to prevent major failures of a turbocharger. The program is based on the turbocharger safety design concept.
TSU, as a service provider for ABB and IHI turbocharger, recommends ship owners to adopt SIKO Program to their fleet.

Nissan Motor Car Carrier (NMCC) adopted the above program in addition to the normal maintenance programs so that long and safe operations can be promised for all of their ships. As the result, the company made a great success.
NMCC is the major marine transporter of the Nissan Group and providing high quality marine transportation service as the world first exclusive automobile shipping company. Captain Takashi Yamaura, who is the General Manager, Marine Technology Dept. states that safe and on-time operations are the must for the maritime transporters. As the exclusive shipping company of the automobile manufacturer, our company directly connects the automobile production lines to the users and no delay by any engine troubles in transporting our goods is allowed.

The SIKO Program predicts the service life of the rotating parts of a turbocharger based on the comprehensive data obtained by analyzing various load patterns and the speed of the turbocharger.
Note that the program can also provide you with reduction in the running cost of turbochargers using the delivery time discount system that can be realized by the planned ordering of replacement parts for the turbochargers.

MR. Makio Naito who is the Senior Superintendent of the company says that¡¡the turbocharger is a high speed rotating machine and when a trouble occurs in the turbocharger, the operation of the ship is decisively affected. Therefore, it is essential to make a maintenance schedule for reliable operations by utilizing the knowhow of the turbocharger manufacturer who has accumulated excellent technical knowhow over the long period.

Due to the rise of the BRICs, the number of ships which do not pass Japan, is increasing. In addition, the composition of the ship¡Çs crew is changing greatly. Thus, the true value of the SIKO Program will greatly be appreciated in the future.

It has been decided that NMCC is going to successively increase the number of ships that will be covered by the SIKO Program.